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Tennessee pastor Andy Savage resigns weeks after admitting ‘sexual incident’ with minor


  1. Amir Larijani

    There was nothing consensual about that. Savage even admitted that what he did constituted abuse.

    Why was it abuse? He abused his position as her youth minister for his own sexual gratification.

    He spent 20 years trying to spin this as something less than what it was. But the truth came out.

  2. Bart Barber

    Any sexual relationship between any pastor and any church member who is not his wife is abusive. Parents generally won’t allow their teenaged daughters to just run around town with the average 20-something-year-old guy. They trust their kids, however, to be at events run by that same guy if he’s a pastor at their church. Church and ministry employees get special trust extended to them by virtue of their position. They abuse that trust and that power when they use it to achieve personal sexual conquests.

  3. Jandy

    According to Texas law, Andy Savage committed sexual assault due to more than 1 factor. First, Jules was a minor at the time of the assault, and he was more than three years older. Second, he is a member of clergy. This never was a consenting relationship. Shame on anyone who says differently.

  4. KKO

    So grateful for Jules coming forward and opening the #churchtoo movement. I reported in 2008. 2011. 2013. 2019. It takes the courage of a child to speak up. Then and again and again and again until she is heard. So grateful for her bravery. ♡

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