Aaron Robbins

Tri City Baptist Church in Westminster, CO

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  1. Charlotte

    Here is a man that I grew up with. Not any man however. He is a pastors kid. Not only that he has two young children of his own that he is still allowed to be around. Everyone in this church condemned people for coming from broken families. Kicked people out for honestly petty reasons. And yet here is a child pedophile that the whole church body refuses to acknowledge and accepts him and commends his wife for being strong. Fuck this church. I’ve said that since 2005. This is a place that should burn to the ground and I wouldn’t care if the gross human beings who have in the past and present and unfortunately future allow and hide shit like this under a rug. This place is definitely not a house of God. And hopefully God will show the whole of tricity that soon.
    Aaron, you’ll Rot

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