Bryan Paul Buckley

Christ Community Church St Charles, IL
North Parkersburg Baptist Church, North Parkersburg, W. VA
First Baptist Church in Romeoville, IL

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  1. Congregant

    Sr. pastor Kent Boone of North Parkersburg Baptist Church reached out to Bryan to hire him after he was released from prison. Kent knew that Bryan was convicted pedophile because he knew Bryan from when they both worked at churches in Kane County, Illinois during the time Bryan was arrested and convicted. Kent refused to listen to one of his fellow staff members, the family/children’s pastor, who did not want Bryan hired because he is a pedophile. Bryan also lists on linked in that he was a volunteer leader at The Sanctuary Church. “Director of Fight Club Men’s Ministry
    The Sanctuary Church
    Jun 2015
    Leading the men at the church on a bi-weekly gathering to encourage, challenge, and motivate to fight for their marriage, family, and purity.”

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