Cedric McCormick

Camp Tracey, Jacksonville, Forida
Harvest Baptist church of Jacksonville, Florida
As of January 2012, on staff at North Gainesville Baptist Church, Florida

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‘May 2003 – Kirk Griffin filed suit naming former counselors Cedric McCormick and Robert Hood in “repeated acts of sexual abuse” against him while he lived at Camp Tracey between 1988 to 1992 when he was 12-16 years old. Harvest Baptist Church, headed by Rev. Wilford McCormick, Cedric’s older brother, was also named as a defendant. Griffin said he was forced to perform oral and anal sex with two camp counselors two or three times a week. In the lawsuit he said the counselors befriended him, gained his confidence and “used the position of authority granted to them by Harvest to satisfy their perverse desires.”’

Source: https://jeriwho.net/lillypad2/?cat=249&fbclid=IwAR2Nlbbk1M5UoevAOlGGWg8FooZWRoV3t6snkOv0th8BHdTG2_HhZi3GWig

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