Darrell Jay English

First Baptist Church of Covington Louisiana
– Youth Worker
– roughly between 1998-2005

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  1. Josh

    I was part of this youth group at around this time. Jay seemed like a decent guy never saw anything inappropriate happen also never saw him go off with any of the youth. The church at the time had a pretty robust accountability system in place. I know because I had met with the other youth pastor at the time and when meeting with you doors had to be kept open per there policy. A lot of people commented on his guilt because he left the church entirely. At the time he left Katrina had rolled thru a few months earlier and a lot of churches lost associate pastors so it was not a surprise for someone to leave. I guess we will see what happens in the court but me and a couple of others from my time as a youth there were shocked to hear it.

  2. Tracy

    Not surprised at all. Watch him flirt with her since she was in the 8th grade; I remember thinking it was unusual. He ended up counseling her through her parents divorce……looking back it was grooming. I knew him very well and I know he helped many of us through our hardest years, with no ill intentions, but he just happened to like this one girl a lot. Absolutely horrible what he did. Began when she was a 10th grader. Again he did nothing to the rest of us besides act a little juvenile (like having bikini clad posters up) . But I was not surprised when I found out about this accusation because he moved in with her after she was 18…. I figured it had started earlier though didn’t have proof. We were so young that we didn’t have words to describe what seemed off to us.

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