David Glenn Boyd

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  1. Charlotte

    I dated this guy when I was a teenager and he was 35. He was a complete sociopath. I was a very sheltered teenage girl at the time and didn’t realize that my forced encounters with him were straight up sexual assault. I tried to end things multiple times and he would terrify me, threatening suicide, threatening my family, spreading lies about me, stalking me, and calling me non-stop (alternating between screaming at me and crying while begging for forgiveness). Thankfully I was able to stand up to him and he finally left me alone when I told him that the next time he contacted me I was going to file a restraining order and then forward all of his sick, raving lunatic e-mails to the ministry he worked for. I still can’t believe that people actually gave him a pastor position in a church. He’s a very very sick person.

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