Franklin Leroy Wray

Pleasant Oaks Baptist Church in Texarkana, TX

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Waco, TX

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“CHURCH POSITION:Music minister

COURT OF CONVICTION:Bowie County, 2010

OUTCOME: Pleaded guilty and convicted of 19 counts of indecency with a child. Sentenced in 2010 to 15 years. As part of a plea deal, his sentences for 19 felony charges run concurrently. Incarcerated in Texas.”

Source: Houston Chronicle Abuse of Faith Database (first sentence of article & photo)

See also:

Community reacts to former superintendent’s arrest, 10/7/09 (stating that Wray was a former music minister at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church and that he also pastored several churches in northeast Texas).

Preacher faces indecency charge, Texarkana Gazette, 10/7/09

Former educator pleads guilty to sexual misconduct, Texarkana Gazette, 7/2/10

SNAP Note: On 10/6/09, ArkLaTex news reported that Franklin Wray was a music minister at Pleasant Oaks Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas. It is a church that is shown here as being affiliated with the American Baptist Association. Subsequently, on 10/7/09, ArkLaTex news reported that Franklin Wray was a music minister at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, and that he had pastored several other churches in northeast Texas. Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is shown as being affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.


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