James A. (Jim) Moore

First Baptist Church of Farmers Branch – TX

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“When youth pastor Tommy Gilmore disclosed to music minister Jim Moore information about Gilmore’s sexual abuse of an underage teen church girl, Moore kept quiet about it, effectively allowing the abuse to escalate. Weeks later, when the distraught girl finally broke down crying at a piano lesson with Moore in the church sanctuary, and disclosed to Moore the fact that Gilmore had been abusing her for months, Moore told her she shouldn’t speak of it to anyone else. He didn’t notify the police, and nor were congregants told. Instead, Gilmore was allowed to move on to another church with praise from the pulpit about what a great man of God he was.

Years later, when the now-grown survivor reached out to Moore, seeking his help, Moore again stated that there was no reason for her to talk about what had happened with Gilmore, and he described it as having been a “consensual” relationship. When reminded that she had been a child and that the law would consider it as statutory rape, he dismissed those facts as mere “legalities.” Together with the church (which was then shepherded by Sam Underwood, a pastor reported for sexual abuse of an adult congregant), Moore then tried to bully the survivor back into silence by threatening to seek legal recourse against her. Instead the survivor took them to court and obtained, not only documentation substantiating Gilmore’s abuse of her as a child but also documentation that Moore had known about it.”


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