James Kelley

Fellowship Baptist Church, Cumming, Georgia

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“Stacey Shiflett, now a pastor himself, says pastor James Kelley propositioned him in a hotel room while he worked at Fellowship Baptist Church in Cumming, Georgia. He told the church deacons, and Kelley confessed. He said the church gave Kelley severance pay and a letter of recommendation. When Kelley found a new job at a Christian school, Shiflett warned the pastor what Kelly had done. That pastor kept Kelly on staff until at least 2000, Shiflett said. Kelley left and started his own church, Fellowship Baptist Church in Greenwood, South Carolina, in 2002. He also pastored Philadelphia Baptist Church, per his obituary. There were no public allegations of wrongdoing made against Kelley at his subsequent churches. He was never charged with a crime, and he is now dead.”

Source: Preacherboys.com Online Abuser Database



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