Jason Lee

University of Aberdeen

Dean of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies at Cedarville University 2013-2020

Professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (NC) and also at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (TX)

Pastoral ministry in Louisiana and Scotland

Preaches regularly and has served local churches as an interim pastor



Excerpt from above article from Julie Roys dot com:

“During my interview with Dr. White last week, White said that Dr. Lee was responsible for overseeing Moore and holding him accountable during Moore’s employment at Cedarville.

Dr. Lee is Dean of Biblical and Theological Studies at Cedarville. Lee also is a friend of Moore’s who served as Moore’s PhD supervisor when both men were at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. That’s according to a leaked email from Dr. White to Cedarville’s trustees in 2017.

I reached out to Dr. Lee today for comment, but he did not respond. I also reached out to Dr. White for comment about Jamison’s claims, but White did not respond.”


“Jeff Jamison, an elder at TVC’s Fort Worth campus, told me that the elders clearly communicated with White in 2017 that Moore’s sin ‘wasn’t a one-time lapse in judgment on Anthony’s part.’ Jamison added that the ‘lapse in judgment’ was Moore’s ‘false narrative’ that the TVC elders ‘corrected regularly’ in multiple conversations with both Dr. White and Cedarville Professor Dr. Jason Lee.

Source: https://julieroys.com/the-village-church-disputes-account-by-cedarville-president-regarding-anthony-moore-names-others-it-told-about-moores-past/


“Jamison added that they also fully informed Cedarville Professor Jason Lee [about Moore’s multiple invasive video recordings of his youth pastor over the course of many months].”

Source: https://julieroys.com/opinion-could-the-meltdown-at-cedarville-be-evangelicalisms-chernobyl/


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