Joy White

Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies & President’s Wife at Cedarville University
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 1998-2011
University of Florida 1993-1997

Publications: Women’s Evangelical Commentary: Old Testament; Women’s Evangelical Commentary: New Testament


Excerpts from above article:

“The woman, Megan Lively, says Cedarville University President Thomas White participated with Patterson in the alleged cover-up of her rape in April 2003. Lively added that in the months that followed, she was required to meet multiple times with White’s wife, Joy White, now an assistant professor of women’s studies at Cedarville, as part of a ‘disciplinary plan.‘“

“’I was made to feel like what happened to me was my fault,’ Lively said. ‘The sexual assault was downplayed,’ Lively added, saying that those involved tried to convince her that what had been done to her was not rape.”



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