Lonny J. Aleshire, Jr.

Licking Baptist Church in Ohio

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“In 2008, Lonnie J. Aleshire Jr., former minster, Licking Baptist Church is associated with the American Baptist Churches of Ohio was serving 7 years in prison on sex abuse conviction regarding two teenage sisters.

Family sues convicted rapist for damages, Newark Advocate, 6/11/10 (Lonny Aleshire, American Baptists)(The family requested a meeting with the American Baptist Churches of Ohio… No meetings occurred… a candlelight vigil was conducted for Aleshire… the congregation… ostracized them and blamed them for his acts, according to the complaint.”)

Former pastor denied shorter sentence in rape case, Newark Advocate, 12/8/10 (Lonny J. Aleshire, Jr. ) Oswalt wants court to reconsider Aleshire case, Newark Advocate, 4/4/08 (Lonnie Aleshire)

Child molesting case resurfaces, could cost church millions, 4/3/08 (Roy Long) Top court vacates Aleshire guilty plea, Newark Advocate, 4/3/08 (Lonnie Aleshire)”

Source: SBC Database

Released to Guidepost Solutions, Sunny Lee, 2/28/2022


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