Lucius Thompson

• Head of Security, McLean Bible and Dallas Theological Seminary, VA Campus

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Allegations of Coverup:

“When informed by multiple parents of grooming actions and abuse by a youth volunteer named Scott Woods, McLean Bible Church leaders (Lead Pastor Dale Sutherland, Youth Pastor DJ Corkey, and Head of MBC Security, Lucius Thompson) and elders (Larry Cooper, Chairman and Tom McMahon, Vice Chairman):
• led parents to believe appropriate authorities had been contacted in a timely manner, when in reality, authorities were not contacted until 7 months later,
• confronted the predator, Scott Woods, directly, leading to probable destruction of evidence,
• lied to victims and parents,
• covered-up Scott Wood’s actions,
o Did not inform other MBC staff about Scott Woods’ actions,
o Did not contact other parents whose children were in direct contact with Scott Woods,
o Did not inform MBC members of Scott Woods’ actions,
o Did not inform Dallas Theological Seminary, where Scott Woods was a student, until 8 months later,
o Did not remove Scott Woods from membership for over 1.5 years after being notified of his actions, and even then, did not state the reasons why he was being removed from membership,
• lied to parents of MBC by sending out letter explaining security changes were being made as a result of the “changing culture” and that “God has protected our children in the past.” No mention of a security changes as a result of the sexual predator, Scott Woods,
• protected the institution of McLean Bible Church and the predator, Scott Woods–not the children



• Dec 2016-March 2017 – Parents contact MBC leaders (Dale Sutherland and DJ Corkey) with concerns about Scott Woods
• Feb 2017-DJ Corkey confronts Scott Woods, alerting him to parent’s concerns and probably allowing him to destroy evidence on phone and computer
• Jan-Mar-2017-conducted internal investigation and did not contact authorities
• June-2017—Parents contact authorities and realize MBC did not contact authorities earlier, like they said they did
• June 2017-Parents begin contacting other parents and informing them of Scott Woods’ actions.
• August 2017- MBC reaches out to families and promises to 1) reach out to families of children who were direct contract with Scott Woods, 2) inform the church members to see if there were other victims, 3) minister to victims, 4) change security procedures, and 5) contact Dallas Theological Seminary where Scott was attending
• Fall 2017-MBC did not do what they promised. Instead, MBC letter 2017 to inform parents of security changes, but omits any information related to Scott Woods (insert uploaded 2017 MBC letter image here) and
• Late 2017-August 2018–parents contact MBC multiple times and ask why MBC sent out a letter that covered-up Scott Woods and lied to parents as to the reason for security changes. No response.
• Summer 2018- Statement by David Platt (at that time, President of International Missions Board-IMB) on sexual abuse
• Fall 2018 – David Platt becomes Senior Pastor of McLean Bible Church and is informed of Scott Woods’ actions. Ignores victims and parents.
• Late 2018- MBC letter in 2018 that informs parents of the “situation” that occurred, but again, omits the name of the predator, Scott Woods (insert uploaded 2018 MBC letter image here) and
• Feb. 2019, blog posts began to appear about MBC’s cover-up of Scott Woods.
• April 2019, David Platt finally began contacting families whose children were targeting by Scott Woods when they were high school students in the MBC youth group to learn more about what had occurred previously.
• Sept 27, 2019—a blogger revealed Scott Wood’s name and very accurately provided details on the sexual targeting and grooming that had occurred at MBC.
• Sept 30, 2019, another post about MBC and Scott Woods
• Nov 20, 2019, another blog post about MBC and Scott Woods
• Nov 24, 2019, David Platt, preached a sermon on “Caring Better for the Flock” and about halfway through the sermon (16 minute mark), references a “situation” to took place several years ago, prior to his arrival at McLean Bible Church. David Platt announced during his sermon that he was initiating an “independent investigation” into MBC policies and how things were handled with the previous “situation”. David Platt also personally apologized to the families for their pain. and and and
• Nov 25, 2019 – a blog post in response to David Platt’s sermon on Nov 24.
• Nov 27, 2019-another blog post about MBC and Scott Woods
• Dec 2, 2019 –Dee Parsons (another blogger) tweeted that David Platt should name the predator
• January 2020-another post with additional details about Scott Wood’s grooming of teenage boys at MBC.
• April 2020- David Platt informs families that the investigation is almost complete.
• July and August 2020-David Platt ignores emails from families when inquiring as the to status and result of the independent investigation.
• August 2020 – International Missions Board (IMB) corrects harmful statements made about the victim in its 2018 investigation, which was initiated by David Platt and
• Sept 4, 2020–NOTHING else has been said to the victims, parents, or members of MBC about the “Independent Investigation” since David Platt announced its existence in November 2019 or the results. All but one of the MBC Elders (Larry Cooper and Tom McMahon) and Tysons staff (Lucius Thompson-head of security) involved initially remain in their positions or have been promoted within MBC (DJ Corkey). Dale Sutherland, senior Pastor at MBC Tysons, left to become President of International Care Ministries, USA in 2019, and serves as interim pastor of Veritas, an SBC and MBC church plant. “


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