Lujon Augustin “Fernando” Garcia

Abbeville Baptist Association, Greenwood, SC

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“In 1999, Lujon Augustin “Fernando” Garcia, 42, Hispanic Ministry, Abbeville Baptist Association, Greenwood, SC, was arrested for abusing a 13 –yr-old boy in 1999.

OUTCOME: Charged with dozens of felonies in a scandal that shocked Hispanic congregants in Greenwood in 2000. Pleaded guilty to 47 charges in 2001 and admitted to abusing 23 children aged 5 to 13; other charges dropped in a plea deal. Sentenced to at least 50 years in prison. The Associated Press reported that police found a list of names and videotapes showing victims from Atlanta and Carson City, Nev. Incarcerated in South Carolina.

Listed on Houston Chronicle Database


Source: SBC Database

Released to Guidepost Solutions, Sunny Lee, 2/28/2022


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