Mark Comford

Faith Baptist Church, LaPorte, IN

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Mark Comford, 23, youth leader, Faith Baptist Church, LaPorte, IN, was arrested on 7 counts of child molesting and 2 counts of criminal deviant conduct involving 4 boys ages 9-13. In September 2008, he pleaded guilty to child molesting and was sentenced to a 20-year prison sentence and eight years of probation.

There was a civil lawsuit against Comford and his grandfather, pastor Jack Cox, Faith Baptist Church, LaPorte, IN, alleging Cox was aware of concerns about his grandson but did nothing to stop Comford’s role as a leader

the church or prevent him from having contact with the children. In 2006, Cox was notified of the suspected predatory behavior by Child Protective Services, which made their concerns known on several other occasions. 1 guilty-plea-felony-child-church-pastor Gary Post-Tribune, 8/4/07

WNDU Channel 16

Church sex scandal victim’s family asks for a revoked or amended plea bargain, WNDU (Indiana), 9/24/08 (Mark Comford)(with video)

Family relates LaPorte minister’s abuse of teen, Post-Tribune (Indiana), 9/14/08 (Mark Comford)

Preacher’s grandson pleads guilty to molesting children, The News-Dispatch (Indiana), 9/6/08 (Mark Comford) LaPorte man admits molesting children at church, South Bend Tribune, 9/6/08 (Mark Comford)”

Source: SBC Database

Released to Guidepost Solutions, Sunny Lee, 2/28/2022


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