Rodney Scott Woods

McLean Bible Church, McLean Virginia
-Served as volunteer in “The Rock” youth group from at least 2013-2016
-Small group Bible study leader for high school students
-Camp Counselor and Chaperone (beach week for high schoolers)
-Initiated and led the “Upper Room” small discipleship group for high school students

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Late 2017-MBC letter 2017 to inform parents of security changes, but omits any information related to Scott Woods

Summer 2018- Statement by David Platt (at that time, President of International Missions Board-IMB) on sexual abuse

David Platt began serving as interim teaching pastor at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia in February 2017 while continuing his primary role as president of the International Mission Board. In September 2017, Platt was hired as pastor-teacher of McLean Bible Church.


Late 2018- MBC letter in 2018 that informs parents of the “situation” that occurred, but again, omits the name of the predator, Scott Woods, timeframe events occurred, and asks parents to contact MBC security (not appropriate authorities)

Feb. 2019, blog posts began to appear about MBC’s cover-up of Scott Woods. 

• April 2019, David Platt began contacting families whose children were targeting by Scott Woods when they were high school students in the MBC youth group to learn more about what had occurred previously.

Sept 27, 2019—a blogger revealed Scott Wood’s name and very accurately provided details on the sexual targeting and grooming that had occurred at MBC. 

Sept 30, 2019, another post about MBC and Scott Woods 

Nov 20, 2019, another blog post about MBC and Scott Woods 

• Nov 24, 2019, David Platt, preached a sermon on “Caring Better for the Flock” and about halfway through the sermon (16 minute mark), references a “situation” to took place several years ago, prior to his arrival at McLean Bible Church. David Platt announced during his sermon that he was initiating an “independent investigation” into MBC policies and how things were handled with the previous “situation”. David Platt also personally apologized to the families for their pain.

Nov 25, 2019 – a blog post in response to David Platt’s sermon on Nov 24.

Nov 27, 2019-another blog post about MBC and Scott Woods 

• Dec 2, 2019 –Dee Parsons (another blogger) tweeted that David Platt should name the predator

Dee Parsons' WartWatch Twitter post
Dee Parsons’ WartWatch Twitter post

January 2020-another post with additional details about Scott Wood’s grooming of teenage boys at MBC. 

As of 6/14/2020, nothing else has been said to the members of MBC about the “Independent Investigation” initiated in Nov 2019 or the results. All but one of the MBC Elders and Tysons staff involved remain in their positions or have been promoted within MBC. One senior Pastor at MBC Tysons left to become President of International Care Ministries, USA in 2019. 

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