Steven Carl Haney

Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Cordova, TN

Gracepoint Baptist Church in Cordova, TN

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COURT OF CONVICTION:Shelby County, 2009

OUTCOME: Registered sex offender in Tennessee who was convicted of a 2003 sexual battery by an authority figure and of a 2001 rape in state court.”

Source: Houston Chronicle Abuse of Faith Database

See also: 

(1) Former Minister Arrested on Sexual Battery Charges and Former Church Member Speaks Out about Accused Pastor, WMC-TV 5 in Memphis, 7/14/07 and 7/20/07;

(2) Alleged Victim Says Former Pastor Told Him Sex Was Test of Faith, EthicsDaily, 9/20/07;

(3) Former pastor said sex was “a test of faith,” Memphis Commercial Appeal, 8/30/07;

(4) Federal grand jury indicts former pastor on child pornography charges, Commercial Appeal, 10/16/07;

(5) Former Southern Baptist pastor pleads guilty to sexual abuse, Associated Baptist Press, 4/30/09.

SNAP Note: Walnut Grove Baptist Church is listed as an SBC-affiliated church. In approximately April 2008, Walnut Grove Baptist Church changed its name to Gracepoint Baptist Church.


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