Thomas White

Boardmember on the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH (President, 2013-present)

Ordained jointly by Chiquola Baptist Church in Honea Path and Riverside Baptist Church in Greer, SC

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in NC (Director of Student Life)

Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX (Director of Leadership Development, Vice President for Student Services and Communications)

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Excerpts from above article:

“During an interview Wednesday, Dr. White told me that he knew that Moore had made multiple, secret videos of Moore’s former youth pastor when Cedarville hired Moore on a probationary basis. White added that Moore initially came on staff as a multicultural recruiter under a five-year, “restoration” plan.

However, White said he did not realize when he hired Moore that Moore had recorded the secret videos over a span of several months.

“My understanding of what happened was it was not a habitual issue,” White told me. “It was a struggle that arose from previous abuse and curiosity and then it was repented for.”

However, White said that after his discussion with me Wednesday, he spoke with Moore’s victim about Moore’s abuse for the first time. White said the victim confirmed that the recordings had been made over multiple months.

“When we learned that information, we took the action we needed to take,” White said.”

“The elders at TVC Fort Worth said in a statement to me this week that they “thoroughly informed Dr. White and Cedarville University about the details of Anthony’s dismissal and our belief that Anthony was not fit for ministry of any kind.”

Elder Jeff Jamison said that the elders told Dr. White that Moore had made multiple videos.

Jamison added that the video evidence showed that Moore’s abuse spanned at least six months. Jamison did not comment on whether the elders had told White that fact in 2017.”


“In addition, the board is completely ignoring the recent testimony by Megan Lively that White participated in the cover-up of her rape in 2003. This was the same cover-up that prompted Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to fire then-president, Paige Patterson.”


““’I was made to feel like what happened to me was my fault,’ Lively said. ‘The sexual assault was downplayed,’ Lively added, saying that those involved tried to convince her that what had been done to her was not rape.””


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