Travis Smith

First Baptist Church, Stover, MO

Pilot Grove Baptist Church

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Travis Smith, pastor, First Baptist Church, Stover, MO, former youth pastor, Pilot Grove Baptist Church

OUTCOME: Sentenced to prison for four years in 2016 after being convicted of statutory rape, sexual abuse and statutory sodomy for offenses that occurred in 1998, 2000 and 2005 in criminal cases that involved three victims in three different counties, Missouri court and prison records show. Defendant had been acquitted of sexual abuse allegations pertaining to a different victim in 2011.

Listed on Houston Chronicle Database

( Police record (

Accused Mo. Pastor faces new charges,, 6/14/13 (Bob Allen) Note: Article noted victim as a girl in 1998-1999.”

Source: SBC Database

Released to Guidepost Solutions, Sunny Lee, 2/28/2022


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